Connecting to the vibrant Beauty within

You know the power of staying aligned with your own Inner Being, with the energy of your innermost dreams and the essence of love, wholeness and freedom. It’s the little things that really shift the moment. The deep breaths. Relaxing your shoulders. Taking a minute to connect to the beauty around and within you.

Hello Dear One, I’m Ruth, Artist of the Light, explorer of inner landscapes and curator of experiences to energize you and help you embrace your whole Self, your own glow and innate power. I know how much searching, remembering and healing it can take to trust our Soul’s guidance and create life on our own terms, what it means to have lost and come back home into relationship with the Divine and the Inner Wise Being in every aspect of life.

When I finally decided I needed to become the artist who paints light filled portraits of dreams and the Inner Woman, I had to face a lot of the ways of how I operated as a human being. I felt exhausted and trapped, often overwhelmed and like progress was practically impossible. I had a lot of unwinding to do.

Things started to really shift when I allowed myself to take many tiny moments throughout my days to connect to my heart, pause, recalibrate to the beauty and strength that was already available to me. Inside and out. That was when I realized that I didn’t have to make enormous changes or become an entirely different person to get myself a life that feels true and real and just the right kind of magical.

We are already whole, infinitely loved and loving beings, with all the vibrancy, joy, possibilities and wisdom inside of us, that is waiting to be acknowledged and expressed in ways that feel safe, nourishing and wonderfully alive.

It is all about staying connected to what we already know deep inside.

Remembering who we are and integrating the shifts that have already happened.

This is what my art is about. It’s here to fill your physical space with rich glowing energy and create experiences of deeper alignment, light-filled beauty and seeing your essence, your wonderful Inner Being, reflected back to you.

My deepest joy is to write little love notes to you, share observations of the small things that create peace within, translate sighs of relief into paint or spend time listening to your story and show you how beautiful, powerful and whole you are – so you can embrace even more of your vibrant, ever growing Self and do what you really want to be doing, every single day of this life.

Welcome you wonderful shining soul!

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