Hello Dear One, I’m

Ruth / C’amiëlle.

Artist and light weaver, currently based in Vienna.

I know that if you resonate with my art, you are on a journey of embodying all of you, too. Devoting to your heart, to God within, to Life, to the beautiful wise wild being you came here to share.

Art has always been my anchor and portal for integrating the shifts and embodying more and more of me in everyday life. I believe colour and symbol are incredibly useful in deeply imprinting the new (ancient) way of fully knowing ourselves and walking as who we are meant to. It’s one of the most easeful yet unfailing ways to hold the new found freedom and wholeness long enough for it to become the natural way of being again.


It’s the sound of how I feel when I paint. Immersed in the essence of depth and love, awe and wonder, connected to soul and aliveness. My art is here to fill your physical space with rich glowing energy and create experiences of deeper alignment, light-filled beauty and a presence so clear and powerful, that you HAVE to remember why you wanted to be in this body, now, as you.

The more we can remember and drop into our own heart’s truths, the more alive we become. And this world needs humans who are HERE, who are embodied, who are courageously crafting their own paths.

My inspiration is soul, exploring inner worlds, listening to humans and the Earth. I love immersing myself in writing, dancing, lush forests, the life and dreams of our hearts… coming back with magical somethings: Truths, questions, codes, the sense of belonging, wholeness and power wrapped into art.

I believe art can drop us into soul remembrance and original essence within a blink of an eye. Through silent transmission and a space of colour and symbol. A language we all speak that needs no words, just two receptive hearts.

Light Infusions & Art

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