Anchoring and Energizing

Insights, Revelations, New Ways of Being.

A custom drawing created for you to hold the essence of your inner truth and wisdom while you are integrating and realigning with your new reality.

Inherently Worthy+Whole. There is nothing to DO, just BE, C’amiëlle 2019

Embrace your truth and energize your path with an uplifting drawing that keeps you anchored in your heart, your soul, this life.

In my experience, the way to shift into new ways of being is often about whether we stay present, let them fully integrate and become our new normal. Do we allow these new stories and energies enough space in our daily life to grow and flourish and become our own?

Do you sometimes have the same revelations again and again and you’re still not really living them? What are you learning about yourself or life at the moment that you would love to remember more often throughout your day?

What would open up for you when it was easy to stay in your own knowing, allowing it to seep into every cell of your being, effortlessly, sweetly, lovingly until it has fully integrated and you naturally embody it? How would it feel if this was no work at all, just a question of anchoring yourself with something that completely delights you?

I believe art has the power to connect us back into our soul and essence within a blink of an eye.

It can make you smile with your whole heart no matter what’s going on around you. Maybe you have it on your desk and while you go about your day the brief glances keep you right in that new energy and way of being. Every time your eyes rest on the drawing you might release a bit of tension and doubt and remember what is true for you without having to work for it or consciously choosing new thoughts.

You see your vision and message from your Self right in front of you without any story attached to it. It’s a delightful way to integrate because it’s just energy and vision, it allows you to make space to expand and deepen into yourself.

You might find yourself move with more ease and grace, remembering your power to choose what is right for YOU. In all the little moments that matter so much when you string them together with presence.

Grounded, Rooted, Connected to All-That-Is, C’amiëlle 2017

It’s a gift from the one you are becoming to you who is on her journey.

The Anchoring and Energize Experience Includes:

A handful of questions to get clear on what energy and wisdom your drawing should hold for you.

The original pencil drawing specifically created for you on 170g/m² A5 sized paper (shipped unframed in a safe flat mailer).

A message with all my insights and blessings that come through for you while I’m  working on your piece.

A little eBook you can use again and again on your journey of integration (the link will be included in your package).

How I’ll create your custom drawing:

After we’ve discussed the agreement and you’ve made the payment, I’ll send you the questions to prepare for the drawing. You’ll be invited to tell me about your experience, what you are hoping to integrate and any wishes you have about the drawing itself. Once I receive your vision and what it is you would like to carry closely, I’ll sit down in silence, connect with the Divine, set an intention for your highest good and start drawing what comes through. I don’t plan these drawings. Once I clearly feel the energy of what you are currently going through, what you are aligning with and integrating, I get a first idea and from there the drawing unfolds.

You can choose if you would like to have an opportunity to see the drawing upon completion and wish for adjustments – OR if you’d rather like this to be a total surprise and have me ship it directly to you.

Investment: 89 Euro (incl. shipping)

due at the beginning of our project

Payment Method: If you have a bank account with an IBAN number, you can make your payment via bank transfer. Otherwise, I’ll send you a paypal invoice you can pay via your paypal account or via credit card.

As I am under the small business regulation in Austria, I don’t collect VAT on this offering.

Feminine Wisdom: Connecting Heart and Womb, C’amiëlle 2019

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