Free Inner Glow Experience

A deepening and expansion of Inner Radiance

An 11 minute audio immersion for you to make yourself at home in your own light and let this golden glow flood your whole being. Anchoring your soul essence in your body, right where you are in the world and your life. I always feel incredibly nourished and capable after I do this practice, and I hope you will, too ♥

There is also printable art and a PDF with journaling prompts for afterwards so you can integrate your experience and find your own magical ways to stay connected to this soulful freedom and light and the golden glowing powerful sweetness that you are, every day, anywhere.

Nourish your body and being with your Soul’s unique energy and embrace your wholeness and inner light.

The audio immersion: 11 minutes to fill up on your own glow and sparkle.

Art to integrate and an ebook with prompts to deepen and anchor your magic.

A few email love notes to make this extra delightful and special.

It’s free, add your name and email below:

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