Inner Woman Portrait Commission

A portrait of your Innermost Radiance,
the essence of Who You Are
your soul, your joy, your unique sparkle
at home in the world
held and free
in your own delicate beauty
and vibrant nature.

This portrait is meant to bathe you in your own Inner Light, the You who is fully present in this life, to herself, the world.

It is meant as anchor for your truest essence – as remembrance of your divinity and magical presence in this life.

It is meant to show you how incredibly loved you are, how much you belong here, how much your presence is cherished here on Earth.

A piece of art that allows you to fully sink back into the knowing that there is nothing to prove here, nothing to „get to“ – and instead sigh with relief (or even delight):

Yes, I am here, and I am my wildest dream come true in so many ways already.

It’s a declaration of wholeness and vibrant aliveness.

What makes you feel completely and utterly yourSelf?

What brings you right back into original essence and beingness? Embodying the one who is free and kind and compassionateand powerful? Overflowing with creativity and zest and the energy to move things in miraculous ways?

This portrait is for you.

A celebration of soul and woman. Any time. To acknowledge and anchor. For phases of transition. After or during healing. When stepping into newness – or grounding into more of right-now-ness. It might also be a wonderful gift idea for a beloved woman in your life.

How your custom Inner Woman Portrait comes to life:

CONNECTION – You can listen to the free Glow Immersion or create your own ritual to deeply connect to your Radiant Inner Woman and let her write out what she needs me to know to inspire your portrait. I’ll also send you a handful of journaling prompts that you can use to dive in and let the magic arise. What you share with me and the insights I get while connecting with you will serve as main inspiration for your portrait.

PREPARATION – I’ll also need 2-3 photos of your face / upper body that will serve as loose reference and you are welcome to send in any pictures you’d like me to consider for the background / overall energy of your piece (for example: of your favourite place / plant / pictures from your vision board, etc.).

CREATION – I’ll then create sacred space, connect to You and the Divine and create your custom soul essence portrait. It’s a ceremony of pure glow and such an honour to create this light-filled mirror for you. You can wish for small adjustments upon completion or let yourself be completely surprised by what has come through.

Booking your Inner Woman Portrait Experience

Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page so we can discuss everything.

The Options


digital file for devices

perfect when you want to have this piece close to yourself and nearby everywhere and all day long


8×10″ / 18x24cm fine art print

perfect for cozy corners / altars / night stands, desks, to carry around the house or as gift 


20×28“ / 50x70cm fine art print

perfect for hanging on a wall and having its presence light up the whole room

Process Details and Setting the Container

Click to open the toggles below and find out about all the details concerning feedback rounds, format, printing options and the refund policy:

Availabiltiy and Time Frames

Available spots: I take commissions on a rolling basis.

Turnaround times: When you’ve submitted your answers and all required photo reference, you can expect to receive your custom portrait within 21 days (digital only) or within 5-9 weeks (fine art print options) depending on the size and where you live.

Format and Delivery

magical: You get the digital file (.jpg / 96dpi) to use on all your devices and print on standard postcard sized photo paper for your own use. If you decide to get a hand embellished fine art print of your piece later, you can purchase an 8×10″ / 18x24cm print at any point in the future.

divine / alive: You get the digital file (see above) plus a gallery quality fine art print on Hahnemühle William Turner (a heavy, textured paper with the feel of water colour paper). I will hand embellish the print with some extra sparkle. The print comes with a certificate of authenticity and your package includes some extra goodness to further integrate the experience.

Please note: These portraits are mainly created digitally and when you choose one of the fine art print options your print is practically the „original“ as it’s the only physical, uniquely hand embellished piece in existence.

Payment Method

If you have a bank account with an IBAN number, I will send you an invoice via email and you can make your payment via bank transfer. Otherwise, I’ll send you a paypal invoice you can pay via your paypal account or credit card.

magical: Payment of 287 EUR is due upfront. A two-installment option is available on a case by case basis.

divine: 287 EUR non-refundable deposit upfront. Remaining amount + shipping cost due before I order the print.

alive: 418 EUR non-refundable deposit upfront. Remaining amount + shipping cost due before I order the print.

EU citizens: As I am under the small business regulation in Austria, I don’t collect VAT on this offering.

Refund Policy

magical: Due to the digital nature of this offering, there are no refunds. I trust that if we both are a full body YES to working together on a Custom Inner Woman Portrait, the artwork will hold what you need most at this time, even when it might look differently than what you had imagined beforehand. If you genuinely just can’t fall in love with your portrait once it’s finished, we’ll find a solution together.

divine / alive: You have the right to refuse the final artwork before I order the print for you. In this case I retain full rights to the artwork and the non-refundable deposit of 287 EUR (divine) / 418 EUR (alive) and you will not owe me any further payments.

Usage Rights

The offerings on this page are for personal use and enjoyment only.

I also create Inner Woman Portraits for business projects and commercial licensing – I’m happy to discuss different options with you and create an offer that fits your vision.

Inquire for an Inner Woman Portrait Commission

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